Thirty years ago, Raydeo Enterprises didn’t start out as a commercial construction fabrication firm. The company owes its humble beginnings to the two brothers, Peter and John Mercure. The name Raydeo was derived from Peter’s rock-opera outfit called Raydeo Ranger and Planetary News. For the band to generate funds for equipment, music videos, and touring, John and Peter made neon signs for businesses around the area. Today, as we celebrate 30-years in Greater Atlanta, we keep art and performing art at the heart and soul of our one-of-a-kind culture. Raydeo still rocks and our partnership with one of Greater Atlanta’s rising rock bands is as raw, gritty and real as our team here at Raydeo.



March 27, 2018 / celebrate

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March 21, 2018 / celebrate

Wet Jeans ALBUM Release w/ Paper Walls & Whiskey Tango

Wet Jeans ALBUM Release w/ Paper Walls & Whiskey Tango 13 April at 19:00–23:00 EDT Smith's Olde Bar 1578 Piedmont...
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