Raydeo’s primary responsibility is, and will always be, to take care of all of our stakeholders. Whether it be for our employees and their families, clients, partners, or our community, we strive to constantly be better creators, artists, teammates, family, and friends while we build some interesting things along the way. It isn’t for marketing buzz or to boost business. It gives us a higher purpose beyond the bottom line and tasks us with a mission that we must all pursue together.

History – A story about neon signs, rock operas, and family.

That’s right, Raydeo Enterprises didn’t start as a commercial construction fabrication firm. Thecompany owes its humble beginnings to two brothers, Peter and John Mercure. The name Raydeo was derived from Peter’s rock-opera outfit called Raydeo Ranger and Planetary News. In order for the band to generate funds for equipment, music videos, and touring, John and Peter made neon signs for businesses around the area. Thirty years later, as of March 2017, we may have lost the neon signs and keytars, but we still have that creative spark that drives us to create amazing and original projects.


This defines a proven process that's allowed us to continually hit homeruns for over 20 years. Our process is rigorous and focused, yet with a sharp eye on the big picture. We test, review, and quality check according to plan. Then we do it again and again. Because to us, it's about blending creativity, engineering, manufacturing and minding the minutia in a way few companies can match.
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